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Our Process

Our Process

Step 1

Initial Consult

When an enquiry is made, we will schedule an appointment to meet the child and parents. We will also send the parents an intake questionnaire, which they are required to complete and submit before the initial consult.

During the initial consult (about 1 hour 30 minutes), the ABA Specialist will conduct:

  • A parent interview to gather relevant and useful information about the child’s skills and needs
  • The child’s assessment
  • A feedback session to discuss assessment results and recommendations
Step 2

Initial Probe Programme (IPP)

Once the child has enrolled in the ABA Programme, the child will undergo an Initial Probe Programme (IPP) for 2-4 weeks first to be further assessed on various skills, areas of need and behaviours. This will also give us the opportunity to get to know the child better to create a more effective programme, customised to his/her learning needs.

Step 3

Individualised Educational Programme (IEP)

On completion of the probing period, the Programme Specialist will develop an Individualised Educational Programme (IEP) for the child, which would consist of target skills and goals that the ABA therapist will work on with the child. The IEP will be sent to the parents to review and seek clarifications, if needed. Parents can also share their input with the Specialist, and their input may be incorporated, if and as feasible.

Step 4

Commencement of Therapy Sessions

Once reviewed and approved by all parties, the IEP will be implemented through intensive and consistent 1:1 therapy sessions with the child.

Step 5

Periodic Progress Review

To monitor the child’s progress on the goals, a Programme Review will be scheduled every few weeks. During the review, the Supervisor will observe the child during the session to evaluate the progress and make suggestions or modifications to the goals, as needed. The Supervisor will then update the parents on the child’s progress based on the IEP goals.

Step 6

Progress Report and Next IEP

Upon completion of an IEP (duration is typically 6 months although it may vary for some children), a Progress Report will be shared with the parents. A meeting with the parents will also be arranged to discuss the child’s progress as well as to discuss the goals for the next IEP.

We strongly believe that the child’s parents/caregiver play a crucial role in ensuring the success of the child’s developmental journey. To enable every child to have a positive learning experience and continuity in their learning, we advocate the involvement of the child’s parents and/or primary caregiver at every step of the child’s programme. Throughout, we will maintain an open line of communication, provide relevant training and resources, and even offer a listening ear when needed.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services and activities that target specific issues and bridge development gaps. Every activity and session are strategically planned and customised to suit the child’s unique needs, strengths and developmental pace.

Our therapy sessions are carried out one-on-one for a more intensive and personalised programme. With individualised attention, we are able to pace the sessions according to the child’s learning momentum.

A typical session can last for an hour to several hours, depending on the child’s needs and progress. The first few sessions usually involve the therapist pairing and building rapport with the child. Once the therapist ascertains that the child is comfortable in the new learning environment, the therapist will commence the intervention and gradually increase the intensity as the therapy progresses.

We are currently offering the following service models for our one-on-one therapy sessions:

  • Centre-based
  • Home-based
  • Hybrid (combination of the above 2 models)

Dynamics’ ABA programme costs* from:

  • From $144 for a 2-hour session (20 hours package)
  • From $192 for a 3-hour session (30 hours package)

We also provide a 1-year Registration Package from S$300, which includes the programme curriculum (web-based), Individualised Education Plan (IEP) and progress report (up to 2).

*Our charges do not include the therapist's travel expenses for home visits, which will be billed separately. The travel expenses, determined by the distance travelled and the therapist’s seniority level, will be communicated to the client and agreed by both parties.

Our Commitment to You and Your Child

Highly Trained and Experienced ABA Professionals

Highly Trained and Experienced ABA Professionals

Evidence and Research Based ABA Programme

Evidence and Research Based ABA Programme

Open and Ongoing Communication with Parents

Open and Ongoing Communication with Parents

One-stop Centre for Specialised Services

One-stop Centre for Specialised Services

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